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WOMEN (the project) CANNES 2008

May 2009 > Karine Allenbach will be recognised this year  during the Cannes Film Festival in a double-page spread of the magazine Cannes Soleil . View the article here: 'Karine Allenbach Femme de Cinema'.

May 2009 > Once again the Ursa Minor Films team will be present at Cannes for the duration of the festival to meet with prospective partners and distributors for both our short films and features.

April 2009 > The short film ‘Mamadou, il est où’ directed by Knady N’Diaye, built on its international festival success to date by playing in competition at the prestigious « Vue d’Afrique » festival in Montréal. It was also shown on the opening night as part of a special gala organised for the 25th edition of the festival, attended by the Governor of Canada. ‘Mamadou, il est où’ swiftly received invitations from festivals across the world including: Namur (Belgium), Amiens (France), Afrique Iles (Réunion) and Cinomade (Burkina Faso)

April 2009 > The renowned Canadian distributor Locomotion Films has secured the rights to distribute the feature film ‘Women Interrupted’, in theatres, on TV and DVD platforms in all Canadian territories. Locomotion are also co-producers of this project.

April 2009 > Ursa Minor Films has taken the initiative to seek post-production and digital projection partners for the completion and theatrical distribution of the feature ‘Women Interrupted. The film, shot on 35mm and HD, in 5 different languages, is the first volume of a series of anthology films composed of short stories from all the corner of the globe.

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